Why do you need an Archery Instructor or Coach?

In all honesty, it’s pretty easy to pick up a bow and arrow and shoot at a target.  However, it is imperative that you do this safely. In order to shoot accurately, one must gain knowledge of the proper form.  Instructors and coaches are there to ensure you are shooting safely, and help foster your confidence, ability, and consistency in your archery development.

As part of our ongoing aim of providing potential Olympians and World Class Archers, Trosper JOAD have a great team of Certified Instructors and Coaches (all voluntary) available to help you in your archery goals.

Additionally, Trosper Archery Club also has USA Archery Certified Judges that can provide Judging services for your tournament.

Level 2 Instructors

Stacey Goodwin

Jason Mills

Sid Read

Level 3-NTS Coaches

Steve Fairclough

Joseph Goodwin

Charles Morgan

Level 4 Coaches

Shawn Thompson

Jane Johnson

USA Archery Certified Judges

Steve Fairclough

Joseph Goodwin